Smoke Infiltration Removal

smoke damange smell removalSmoke is serious business, whether it’s the result of a burned dinner, cigarette habit or a house fire. To remove smoke from your clothing, fabrics, furniture, drapery or vehicle is a serious endeavor. The proper training in smoke infiltration removal is critical to the success of the smoke smell removal. Smoke stains need to be identified based on cause and the stained material needs to be properly treated Common types of materials can become smoke-stained and smoke-infiltrated.

Earth Safe Environmental uses proven smoke removal treatments to bring back the original smell lost due to smoke. Smoke smell removal is common for a variety of industries and for homeowners who have quit smoking and suddenly notice that their home, furniture and clothing has retained a smoke smell.

Ideal for smoke smell treatments:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • Vehicles prior to sale or trade in
  • Fire Fighter & First Responder clothing
  • Ex-Smoker’s home, clothing & furniture
  • Rental Property Freshening
  • Post Fire Restoration processing for draperies and clothing
  • Removing of Smoker’s smell from office furniture
  • Homes prior to sale to improve asking price


Smoke Removal Albany