commercial property inspectionThe Earth Safe Environmental inspectors assess the commercial building from roof to foundation and describe the current conditions on the property in a full report so you can make the appropriate decisions with regards to purchase, sale or renovation. Always be prepared to answer questions as a seller, if you are not sure, invest in an inspection, provide a documented report to you potential buyers and alleviate their concerns. Your inspection report is a terrific investment in the process of selling commercial property.

inspection commercial propertyThird party home and commercial property inspections are recommended if you have any questions prior to purchase. Be prepared and informed for a better investment experience. Whether you are looking at new construction, renovate property or older established investment property, forewarned is the best answer. Get your seller involved and collect escrow for repairs or removal of dangerous substances. Do not get caught unprepared with a surprise, an inspection can save you thousands of dollars and a lot of gray hairs!


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